Partial connection? Connect Box doesn't go away


When I put in the connection login info, the Editor will load the drop-down with XSLTs, but the "Connect to Umbraco instance" dialog still pops back up and clicking "OK" doesn't make it go away. If I click "Cancel", I can view and edit the XSLTs and the contents of the XML tab, but there is nothing in the "Current Page" drop-down, and the transfrom button doesn't do anything.
I am using umbraco v3.02, and the URL is http://[site.com]/umbraco/webservices/api/FileService.asmx
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KrisJ wrote Dec 26, 2007 at 8:17 PM

Same here... Trying to solve it but no luck so far.

KrisJ wrote Dec 27, 2007 at 11:27 AM

The reason for this problem lies in the way that XSLT editor parses the content cache (umbraco.config in /data) xml file.

On databinding the liscontrol for xml, TraverseXML fils a dictionary with data from the xml, using the name of the node as the key and the id as the value. This can cause an exception because more often then not nodes have the same name. Only the id of a node is truly unique...

The handler for this exception called the connect box to appear again, thus again leading to the exception, thus an endless loop would begin.

I modified the code to use id as key and name as value and added some new exception handling.

If I would be able to get the right permissions I could update the project on codeplex :)

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Connection exception handling was changed to resolve this

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